Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oskar Zieta metallic inflatable furniture.

-a while ago i filmed the incredible process of Oskar Zieta ( at the milan furniture fair 2007), basically he's inflating metallic structure, creating this unique flavor of soft looking but extremely hard and cold to touch..
A nice interview at architonic can be found through the link more infos...

"... Interrelationships between geometry, material, material thickness, welding and deformation technology (in other words 'inflation'). The objects can be inflated with water, oil or air, and in theory each fold can be precisely analysed and controlled..."Architonic

i also post the video i took of milano 2007 you can find the process in motion at 7.31...and also appreciate the rest of the video if you missed it.

Milan design week 2007 from design llama on Vimeo.
check at 7.31...

more info

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