Monday, August 11, 2008

florian kuhlmann crazy artwork

-colorfull craziness coming from this culture overfloated with colorfull images..nice.
from the words of the author:
"i create these images of hundreds and thousands pictures i found on the net, with photoshop on my computer.
when the work is finished i put the original art-work in highresolution ( 200 dpi) back on the web, and publish them under creative commons license.
everyone is free to download the images and do with it whatever he or she wants.
the screen is my canvas and the net has become my bruch and my colours."

florian is putting the available for free online,so the originals are free like freedom.

in case someone wants to buy one of these pieces as a signed masterpiece he can do it with the rules found undermore info

click on the pictures for more details.

more info

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