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Malcolm Fontier bags

-A.W.A stand for Accessories with attitude and this brand (Malcolm Fontier himself as Design Director) did it well, check the quality of the bags, check the cleanliness of the lines and the simple beauty of those products,
I also love how they described the brand :
"A Gwen Stefani-Gandhi hybrid...the Malcolm Fontier brand strives to embody style and attitude, yet reflect purpose and subtlety rather than trend",
You know what , if you need a bag; go visit them immediately for more infos and more products , if you don't need a bag, well visit them to discover their line of wallet and toiletry cases.
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11:07 AM giant korean said...

too many cool things... sometimes it has to be good enough to just look at the pretty stuff, huh?

4:24 PM KJ said...

that bag is so rad! what a unique product--I've actually already ordered two for friends.

7:57 PM bnko said...

glad you guys like those bags , they are pretty neat.