Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Philips Ambient window

I especially like this one, cause; back in 2004 , our graduation project was an inteliigent window that would create shades , graphic and colors through a simple transparent LCD technology , which was actually solar powered, we even won the chartered society of designer, oregon scientific award with this project , but Philips jump to another level at the end of 2007 by adding gesture to it, and by making it Really sexy looking with flower patterns and stuff.. and by actually doing a moving presentation of it( even if this might be done through big Screens instead of being a working prototype .check it out it's pretty cool and impressive. Oregon Scientific... you missed an opportunity.


Pedro Teixeira said...

cool stuff:D

Anonymous said...

hello... do u know the specs for this technology? the cost? i'm currently doing a research about this new media.